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How to Create a Surreal Dream Effect

John Shaw / 04-05-2013 / No Comments »

I love experimenting in After Effects because it can turn ordinary footage into magical footage. This week I was playing with some slowmo video footage, trying to give it that special 80s vibe, when I found a really simple  solution by using the Glow effect in AE. Watch the video to see the effect in ...


How to Make a Film in 48 Hours

John Shaw / 03-25-2013 / 1 Comment »

If you're a filmmaker and haven't been a part of the 48 Hour Film Project, we'd highly recommend you try it for several reasons.  First, the contest forces you to be create.  There's simply no way around it.  You pay the sign-up fee and you're held publicly accountable to create and show a film.  What's better ...

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About The Blog

BROBIE / 03-22-2013 / No Comments »

We're by no means film experts, but we're learning, and we want to share our discoveries with you. So we've created a blog!  Our goal with this blog is to share our thoughts/tips on independent filmmaking, and to share the art/music/literature that inspire us to create what we do.  We (John and Jessica) will both be ...